Pile Up is a 4 players cooperative 3D plateformer in which you have to jump on each others to progress through the levels. You may pile on your friends or use items from the environnement to build-up the highest pile! Coordination and live communication will be required to progress through the dynamic levels and get rid of the bosses !


PileUp! is born in team of 9 hungry friends that would gather around breakfast every morning, grow cute plants, squat in armchairs and occasionally work on a game to pass time. The game was our graduating project at Cnam-Enjmin. It has been made in four months from scratch. The aim was to produce a demo that would be representative of the features of a bigger game. We had a lot of fun making this one and are now working to make the game real!


  • A very simple yet deep mechanic : piling !
  • An adventure you can share with up to four players !
  • A unique boss in every level


Teaser YouTube

First Playable Version Trailer YouTube

About Pile Up! Team

We are a team of 9 former students from ENJMIN, a french video game school. Our love for video games, teamwork, and every edible things in general has united us through the creation of Pile Up!
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